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Karthick INDIA August 7, 2014

Case History
- History of fall from first floor while playing hide and seek from a sun shade and became unconscious on 29.5.2000.
- Admitted in ICU in unconscious condition.
- Karthik was in ICU from 29.5.2000 with ventilator and life support system and necessary medications. The boy was not able to come out of Coma and so Ganotheraphy was started from July 5, 2000.

Present Position
- Physiotherapy to be continued
- From July 2000 - July 2001. has been on RG & GL. Has had no major illness during this period.
- Skin texture has improved. Hair growth excellent and memory improved.
- Speech therapy 3 days in a week
- Maintenance dose of RG -2 GL- 2 daily
- JULY 2001 Karthik has improved beyond expectation. Has started studying - VII th standard all activities improved.
- To Summarise Ganoderma is a good brain and nerve tonic. Has had no side effects. Has helped in recovery from coma, which is a miracle happened in a short time.
- Karthik was on a maintenance dose of 2 pairs - Morning and Evening.
- Is able to walk with the help of walker. Physiotherapy regularly done.

Treatment Given

- 5.7.2000 GL - 3 in the morning through Kyle's 2.7.2000 GL - 3 in the evening to be mixed with carrot milk
- 10/9/2001 - 14/9/2001 GL - 14 + 8 - RG three times. Solid food started. Hearing of songs. Maintenance of I.V. Fluid removed. 15/9/2001 - 16/9/2001 18 + 10 -28 x 3 times.
- Heavy reflections noted. Reduced the dosage of RG.
- 17/9/2001 - 30/9/2001 was on 16+ 5 three times
- Karthik improved very well. Physiotherapy was given.
- 4/10/2001 - 18/10/2001 RG - 2 Three times. GL - 4 Three times
- All I.V. tubes, Monitor, catheter removed,
- 18/10/2001 - Discharged from hospital.
- From 13/7/2000 to 19/9/2000 GL - 4 in the Morning GL - 4 in t he Evening
- From 20/7/2000 - 24/7/2000 GL - 4 in the Morning + 1/2 RG GL - 4 in the Evening + 1/2 RG
- During all this period, the boy was under constant observation, and improvement in his health was noted and recorded.
- 9/8/2000 - 25/8/2000 GL 16 + 1 RG (Morning) GL 16 + 3 RG(Evening)
- 26/8/2000 - 31/8/2000 GL 12 + 6 RG (Morning). GL 10 + 5 RG (Afternoon). GL 10 + 5 RG (Evening).
- During this period very good improvement head fixing improved weeping whenever he sees his parents.
- 1/9/2000 - 3/9/2001. Morning (RG-6, GL-12). Afternoon(RG-5, GL-10). Evening(RG-5, GL-10).
- Weeping continuous whenever he sees his parents and identified all persons (Relatives and friends) in the photos. Confirmed that Karthik has full memory intact.

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D. Hamrudeen Sharjah August 7, 2014

In my experience, eight years of difficulties due to diabetes, ulcer, tiredness and joint pain vanished within 10 months by using Ganoderma and I came back to normal life.  So, I strongly believe that a normal herb can't do such a miracle in the human body. So this Ganoderma is called the 'miraculous king of herbs'. I hope this Ganoderma has yet to unfold many more miracles in the human body.

My sincere thanks to my seniors who showed me the right path of healP and wealth and above all my sincere thanks to our CEO Dr Lim Slow Jim

Thank you and God bless.

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Mohamed S. Mohamed. Dubai August 7, 2014

My name is Mohamed Saleh and I am 29 years old.  Nine months back I used to suffer from  acne, gas, heartburn, general weakness and was less active.

A friend of  mine introduced me to DXN Products. Since I started consuming it I noted a dramatic change in my health. With the paste made of DXN Ganoderma powder my skin became acne free and with the Moninzhi juice the heartburn became history. I became more active and healthier.

Thank you DXN.