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DXN Morinzyme® is a fermented Noni botanical beverage juice that is produced from the fermentation process of Noni concentrate. Fermentation can help to preserve the nutrients in the beverage and it also produces many enzymes. Enhance your life with DXN Morinzyme® daily.


DXN Noni
DXN Noni



Noni Fruit is rich in Vitamin C, carbohydrates and dietary fibre. It is powerful and effective to help alleviate the symptoms and hasten the recovery from sickness and injury.  It contains 150 properties which comprised of essential Vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, trace elements and active enzymes. Noni is a powerful anti-oxidant  that get rid off our body from toxins and free radicals which interfere with normal cell function.

DXN Noni is natural 100% Herbal and no added any artificial flavouring. To enjoy natural freshness of Noni with sweet-sour taste of Tamarind, you can mix the juice with lemon and honey.

The vitamins in Tamarind play antioxidant functional for enzyme metabolism in the body. It helps to fight off skin inflammations. The vitamin and mineral substances in Tamarind help for the good reproduction of red cells in the body. Tamarind is full of Vitamin C which  protects the body from the deficiency of Vitamin C and also it contains essential chemical compounds, minerals,dietary fibre.

Content: 450 ml.

Health Benefits of DXN Noni:

Enhances good digestion. Improves absorption of nutrients from food, blood circulation.Assists in regulation of structure of body and brain cells.

Helps save our body from free radicals or elements that cause sickness by supplying and absorbing the needed nutrients. supports the body defenses against respirator, urinal and nervous problems and immune deficiences, naturally lower blood pressure but increases body energy.

Helps regulate sleep, temperature and mood cycles during women’s menstruation period. For men, it lessens urination at night due to prostate swelling.